Project support and operation documentation development


Technical passport

Installation and operation manual

Technical requirements


Project support.

To realize an industrial project in RF investor/contractor has to obtain a number of permissions to perform design, construction and other technical activities. Depending on specific project that could be sets of certificates, permits, licenses and other documents of a different configuration.

On start of a large investment project about 500 of different documents (permits, certificates, licenses) can be required. This situation requires a package approach and strong coordination with the different federal and local bodies.

On the basis of our and our partners experience and knowledge we provide effective assistance in issue of certificates, permits and declarations of conformity. We also provide following extra services:

- obtaining of licenses;

- project and engineering documentation approval;

- translation services.


Operation ( maintenance) documentation development.

Operation (maintenance) documentation is intended to provide full compliance with requirements on design, production and use of products and equipment.

For products and technical appliances used in hazardous industries the development of operation documentation is a necessary procedure. Technical passports and manuals are the basis of further product certification process and other important docs issue necessary to release in a free circulation.

Operation documentation shall conform to GOST standards and Technical regulations.


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