Exemption Letter (No certification letter)


Exemption (no certification) letter is an official response of a Certification Body on a request whether products are subject to mandatory certification or declaration process or not. An exemption (no cetification) letter is issued for a product which is not listed in Consolidated List of Products Subject to Mandatory Certification and Consolidated List of Products subject to Declaration of Conformity. An exemption letter does not inform about quality of products, so, it is recommended to obtain a voluntary certificate of conformity.

Exemption letter is issued in a free form on A4 piece of paper.

Exemption Letter (No certification letter)


Following types of exemption letters:

- Exemption letter for trade. It could be issued by an authorized certification body.

- Explanatory letter for customs. This letter sometimes is required to proceed customs control while product importing. It is issued by VNIIS Russian Research Institute for Certification.

- Exemption letter in the fire safety area confirms that fire safety certificate is not necessary to be issued so called negative decision on demand. After 2010 this exemption letter can be issued in the bodies of Ministry of Emergency situations and certification bodies authorized in the fire safety area.


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