Approval and certificate of Register of Shipping (RMRS)


Certificate of RS Type Approval is issued to confirm compliance of a product with the RF quality standards in the area of Register of Shipping responsibility.

Certificate of Type Approval and Register of Shipping


The Register of Shipping performs technical monitoring of the following groups of equipment:

- Nuclear-powered vessels and nuclear maintenance ships,

- Fiberglass vessels and boats,

- Life-saving equipment,

- Supply devices and supply equipment,

- Signal devices,

- Radio equipment,

- Navigation facilities,

- Fire safety protection,

- Mechanical installations,

- Pipelines and systems,

- Machinery,

- Boilers, heat exchangers and pressure vessels,

- Electrical appliances,

- Refrigerating machinery,

- Welding and other materials,

- Lifting appliances,

- Automation facilities,

- Pollution control of vessels equipment and appliances.

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