Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments


A Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments (also known as: Metrology certificate, Measuring Instruments Certificate, Certificate for instrumentation and automated control meters) is a document issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology confirming that the present type of measuring tools is approved as per the procedure, provided by the applicable legislation and corresponds to the applicable regulations. The pattern approval certificate for measuring instruments confirms that the present measuring instrument has successfully passed technical and metrological tests and was permitted for application in the Russian Federation. This certificate is necessary for import and operation inside the territory of RF.

Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments


In the trade of an instrument a vendor is obliged by request of a customer to present approved copy of a Certificate and a relevant attachment. Operation of instruments within the territory of Rf without this certificate is forbidden.


Only authorized certifying and licensing bodies and local metrological centers can issue metrological certificates and perform relevant inspections.
Rules on inspections and issuing of certificates are represented in the document MI 3290-2010 Regulations on working up, execution and review process of test data of measuring instruments for the purposes of pattern approval.
Only measuring instruments pointed out in the List of the measuring instruments entitled to check by authorized (in specific area) state local metrological centers are subject to inspection and certificate issue

Involved in metrological study Certification body is responsible for data in examination record (basis for certificate issue).


Certificate validity period depends on its type:

- Pattern Approval certificate for serial products (for Type) validity period is 5 years and covers particular type of measuring instruments.

- Pattern Approval certificate for batch of products or a single product has no expire date. This Certificate is valid only for measuring instruments with serial numbers indicated in certificate.


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