GOST R Certificate of conformity


Note: Since March, 15 2015 GOST R Certificates and Declarations, issued before coming in force of the new system of technical regulations of the Customs Union, are no more applicable.

This is why from 15.03.2015 GOST R above mentioned Certificates and Declarations are no more valid despite of their period of validity


GOST R Certificate of conformity is a document, issued to confirm correspondence of safety of certified products (services) to the stated requirements, applicable standards (GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEEC and etc.).

During transition (to the Customs Union scheme) period of certification Products not yet subject to the Technical Regulations need GOST R certificate to be issued. For products under the Technical Regulations Certificate of Conformity to the Customs Union Technical Regulations is to be issued.

GOST R Certificate of conformity


An Applicant (Manufacturer or Vendor) is in charge of data submitted for mandatory certification. Certification body is responsible for examination of product compliance to the technical regulations on the basis of sample testing and test reports analysis. As a result certification body makes a decision on safety of the product affect on the environment and the consumer.

GOST R Certificate of conformity is issued by an authorized certification body on the basis of presented set of documents, testings, monitoring of production site and inspection (applicable for a lot of certified products). This certificate confirms conformity to the applicable standards: GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEEC.



In case of the mandatory certification products are marked with RST sign. In case of the voluntary certification marking is voluntary.

Market marks of mandatory GOST R Certificate of ConformityMarket marks of voluntary GOST R Certificate


Validity period of GOST R certificate depends upon used scheme of certification:

- Certificate for serial products. Validity period is 1-3 years.

- Certificate for shipment of products is limited by invoice or supply contract. Products manufactured in lots or in single pieces have validity period up to a life cycle of the certified product.

- Certificate for one-of-a-kind product is limited by life cycle.

GOST RF certificate is accepted in all RF regions notwithstanding the region of issuing. Document has a unified form and is valid inside the territory of the Customs Union. Certificate is printed on a special fraud-proof paper.


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