GOST R Certificate for Building Products


GOST R Certificate of Conformity for Building Products confirms that products meet the requirements of main codes and standards in the area of construction (GOST R, GOST, COS, etc.).

Issuing of Certificate for building products may result in issuing other permits for the products for which it is necessary: Fire safety certificate or Declaration, Certificate of the State registration.


GOST R Certificate of Conformity for Building Products


The following building materials and constructions are subject to mandatory building certification:

- glass units, balcony and window units,

- locks of II-IV classes

For the rest of the building products this Certificate is issued on a voluntary basis. In this case voluntary GOST R Certificate can be issued only for the products for which standards and quality inspection procedures already exist. For non-standard products the Certificate of COS (conformity with organization standards) is issued.

New and for the first time imported product or new domestic product are subject to technical assessment of their suitability to use in building area with issuing the Validity Statement of MinStroy (the Ministry of Construction) whereby the specific application domain is indicated.

Currently there are two main certification systems in the building area:

- Rosstroycertification

- Mosstroycertification

Certificate for building products is issued by an authorized certification body.



In case of mandatory certification a product is marked with an RST certification mark. In case of voluntary certification marking is voluntary.

Market marks of mandatory GOST R Certificate of ConformityMarket marks of voluntary GOST R Certificate


A validity period may vary from one to three years depending on a certification process scheme and test results. Document has a unified form (Rosstroycertification and Mosstroycertification) and is printed on a special fraud-proof paper.


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